In Her Words

“What anchors me to my values is trying to be a thoughtful leader and person. I remember that we are all people going through various things and what binds us together are our connections with one another. I make sure I made space for my team to be creative, to grieve, change and find new work cadences and to just be if needed. What has helped me the most is knowing that each day I am doing my best and making space for my team to do their best too.”

  • Continuing to actively listen and creating space to listen. “That was one of the best things to come out of 2020 for me.”
  • Having clear communication and follow-through. “I want to be honest with myself and my team about what I can achieve and what I’m able to do. I want to lead by example in that way.”
  • Being Grateful.

“What’s really exciting about this year is thinking about what we [her team] can do and then pushing past that. Exploring how we can create new experiences for our customers and thinking about how accessibility can be embedded in every part of our experience is exciting.”

“I’m hopeful that I can continue to create spaces for others to succeed. I’m hopeful that people will continue to advocate against the injustices we saw in 2020 into 2021. And most of all I am hopeful for more community building and honest conversations.”




We believe leadership is a creative practice.

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Design Dept.

Design Dept.

We believe leadership is a creative practice.

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